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Hando's Tanker Hire

If your business, council or organisation has experienced an emergency or a major industrial spill or leak, you can trust Hando’s Tanker Hire to clean it up fast. Based at Beaudesert, we have earned a reputation as Australia’s can-do waste water and sewage treatment specialists. We can also provide your operations with regular disposal of liquid waste materials.

With our own fleet of

Customised Tankers

Featuring innovative pumping equipment, we have the capabilities to clean up a wide variety of materials, including the following:



muddy water

Muddy Water

concrete slurry

Concrete Slurry

drilling mud

Drilling Mud





general sludge

General Sludge

sewerage sludge

Sewerage Sludge

Our wet and deep vacuum service

Can operate in confined spaces, including sewer pump stations, sewer manholes, storm water drains, containment traps and industrial tanks.