Our Tankers

Hando’s Vacuum Tankers are of our own design, they are highly sort after for their effortless and efficient pumping capabilities.

Vacuum Units

12,000ltr Body Truck 3” Vane Pump, Pressure Discharge.

Trailer Units

14,000ltr 3” Vane Pump, Pressure Discharge.

24,000ltr 4” Liquid Ring, will do Deep Lifts, Tipping Tank, Large Rear Door, Pressure Discharge.

24,000ltr 6” Liquid Ring Pump, will do Deep Lifts, Grit/Rag Removal, Full Rear Door, 5000psi Pressure Cleaner/Drain Cleaner. Full Tipping Tanker with Pressure Discharge.

Ex Fuel Tanker, used for Water Tanker, 26,000ltr Capacity.

Other Equipment

7 Tonne, 21Ft Tilt Tray Truck

6” Gorman Rupp Skid Mounted Diesel Pump.

Jetter Truck, 200ltr/min, 2000psi, ¾” Hose, 2500ltr Water Capacity.

Dropdeck Flattop Trailer, Container Pins, DG Registered.

Capacity to transport most Dangerous Goods.